An Inspired Vision

It's about working together

We provide a collaborative and challenging partnership/alliance that is:

  • results-oriented
  • open and non-judgmental
  • based on mutual trust and respect
  • supportive, promising sincere encouragement and feedback

You have the answers…

A coach does not have the answers—you do! A good coach helps you discover them by:

  • listening to you so you feel really heard and understood
  • providing support and challenging you so that you feel empowered
  • guiding you by offering new perspectives, fresh insights, wisdom and reference points, and by helping you clarify and set goals, create and implement strategies, and take chances
  • collaborating with you by acting as your sounding board, third eye and success partner, and by helping you to achieve what you want in the easiest and most enjoyable way

By using active listening, questioning, reframing, challenging, affirming, celebrating, empowering and making requests of you, we can help you:

  • enhance your personal and professional performance
  • attain the quality of life you deserve
  • achieve appreciable results through a customized, interactive approach

… we help you discover them!

A Personal Approach

Get a professional on your team

While coaching has always existed in sports, it’s now widely used to help individuals achieve balance in their lives. We invite clients to work on both professional and personal enhancement.

Services for individuals include:

  • a needs assessment questionnaire along with a follow-up meeting
  • clarification of professional and personal goals
  • development of an action plan and strategies for reaching objectives
  • practical tools and follow-up to ensure effectiveness
  • on-going guidance through telephone Skype, email, and/or in-person coaching
  • provision of newsletters and pertinent articles

In addition to the one-to-one supportive approach described above, our corporate training and development program also involves:

  • group sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of each employee group, which may include one or more of the following:
  • team coaching
  • workshops
  • seminars (e.g., "Lunch and Learn" sessions, breakfast seminars, professional development afternoons and/or full-day sessions)
  • keynotes at conferences

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ASRCT has received accreditation from Emploi Quebec, enabling corporate clients to receive the 1% tax credit for coaching, mentoring, training and development.