About Live Well and ASR Coaching & Training (ASRCT)

Founded by Andrea Strom-Rancourt, Live Well and ASR Coaching & Training (ASRCT) has offered coaching and training development programs to individuals and corporations for almost two decades.

Through a combination of needs assessments and focus groups, we work collaboratively with clients to provide customized programs and services. Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur, or an individual desiring enhanced performance and work/life balance, we can provide the support you need, both personally and professionally.

Our strength lies in providing coaching that enables you to:

  • clarify your vision, needs and goals
  • emphasize your talents, skills and tools
  • establish and follow a success strategy that is uniquely tailored to you

Effective coaching involves teamwork and commitment. We provide the framework upon which you will transform your life.

Along with professional coaching and personal coaching for individual clients, we assist visionary leaders in integrating effective training/development programs and coaching into their organizations. Seminars, workshops, individual and group coaching, and keynote speaking, are the hallmarks of our approach to corporate coaching and training. Healthy, happy, effective and productive employees are the foundation of successful organizations and profitable companies.

Located on the south shore of Montreal, we provide services in both English and French. We will go on site to serve our clients and by means of telephone coaching, people around the world benefit from using our services.

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ASRCT has received accreditation from Emploi Quebec, enabling corporate clients to receive the 1% tax credit for coaching, mentoring, training and development.